Electric Department Survey

GreatBlue Research

Customer Survey Frequently Asked Questions – April 2018

  • Where are the calls coming from?
    • Our utility has partnered with GreatBlue Research, a professional market research firm located in Cromwell, CT. GreatBlue has their own in-house call center with trained research staff. If you have the technology in your home, the caller ID will read “GreatBlue.” If you do not have the technology, the phone number that appears will be 860-740-4000, or a variation of that (i.e., 860-740-4005, -4006, or -4007). They do not use auto-dialers, so you will always be speaking to a live representative. None of the research staff has previous experience as telemarketers and they are not driven by quotas, so conversations are relaxed and pleasant. Participation is not mandatory, and you may opt-out.
  • How many surveys are being collected?
    • GreatBlue will call a random sampling of residents to complete 100-400 surveys, and a random sampling of businesses to complete 10-40 surveys.
  • How many calls does it take to complete that many residential surveys and commercial surveys?
    • GreatBlue completes roughly 1 residential survey for every 10 calls made. For commercial surveys, GreatBlue completes roughly 1 survey for every 15 calls.
  • What happens if I’m not available and can’t take the survey when they call?
    • GreatBlue uses telephone interviewing software that allows them to set up call-backs to reach you at a better time, you can request a time that works well for you.
  • How do they ensure all segments of the population are represented?
    • With the computer-aided telephone interviewing software, GreatBlue has the ability to target surveys based on age, zip code, etc. to ensure the surveys collected reflect our community’s demographics.
  • Can I contact GreatBlue directly and volunteer to take the survey?
    • I appreciate your interest in participation, the telephone survey must be random so that everyone has an equal chance of participation. If people call in and volunteer to take the survey, the results cannot be generalized to the public as a whole. Thus, surveys can only be completed through outbound calls from GreatBlue.

      Optional: We do have an online version of the survey that you can complete. The link for that survey is posted under our Electric Department on the website or click here.  http://surveys.greatblueresearch.com/s3/36d2ee7d4f23

  • I’m on a “Do Not Call” list. Why am I still receiving a call?
    • As GreatBlue is not attempting to sell you anything, they are exempt from this rule. Legitimate survey research is exempt from the Telemarketing Sales Rule put forth by the FCC to protect people from harassment and prevent fraudulent activity. However, GreatBlue will respect your right to refuse the survey as it is not mandatory.
    • GreatBlue does keep an in-house “Do Not Call” list, so if you receive a call and do not want to participate or receive additional calls, simply ask the researcher to be added to the “Do Not Call” list.