HURRICANE FLORENCE UPDATE/Town Projects and Road Closures



4:34 pm - UPDATE - Worthington Road going East from Old Tar is flooding near the bridge. Please STAY AWAY from this area! Thank you!

1:17 pm UPDATE: Ray Crawford Drive in Winterville is a low-lying area which should be avoided at all costs! Be smart if you must get out in the weather. Town officials suggest you stay OFF THE ROADS! Thank you.

11:18 am UPDATE: water is beginning to come over the bridge at Swift Creek on Forlines Road and at Long Branch between Irish Creek and Cedar Ridge Subdivisions. Please avoid these areas! Thank you.

9:00 am  - The Town of Winterville has several locations where flash flooding has occurred making streets unsafe and in many cases impassible. North Street, Jones Street, and several parts of Main Street are just a couple of examples. Therefore, we urge people to stay home until conditions improve. Thank you and stay safe!

12:34 am - The POWER on Davenport and Reedy Branch has been restored.

11:46 pm - NOTICE OF POWER OUTAGE - A power outage has been reported on Davenport Farm Road west of NC 11. Areas impacted include: properties along Reedy Branch and Davenport Farm Roads. 

10:39 pm - FLOODED ROAD UPDATE - Main Street in Winterville, between Chapman Street and Winterville Parkway, is flooded. Water continues to rise in that area.


The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for the Town of Winterville is in full operation.

We ask that you do not try and call the Town (252-756-3045) unless you have an electrical outage or if you see a related safety concern.

If you have a Fire/EMS or Police issue, please call 911.

The weather is deteriorating so we ask that you find your shelter and stay in place. The Town has not enacted a curfew at this time, but we reserve the right to do so if necessary. We want everyone to be safe!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Terri L. Parker, Town Manager


New playgrounds are coming to Winterville Recreation Park and Hillcrest Park!

The Winterville Recreation Park playground will be closed for construction beginning September 4, 2018 for approximately three (3) weeks.  Construction on Hillcrest Park playground will immediately follow completion of Winterville Recreation Park playground construction.  Anticipated dates for Hillcrest Park playground closure will be posted at a later date.

Major Project Update – Town of Winterville:

First – we heard you regarding the status of our roads!

Vernon Avenue will be closed for street improvements from Drexel Lane to Cooper Street beginning Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Contractor to pour the curb on Bayberry Lane on Monday, August 13, 2018 and open Bayberry back up to through traffic on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 at which time they will close Rosewood in order to replace the pipe. 

As many of you know and have expressed concern, the Town of Winterville has several large on-going projects throughout Town. There have been questions and complaints as to why are there so many projects on-going at one time and why not finish one project before starting another?  The projects that are currently underway have been in the planning and procurement stages for some time. Various funding sources have been procured to pay for the projects and several of the projects involve more than one stage and more than one partner (such as NCDOT).

Those projects that have more than one stage involve those that require utility work BEFORE any road work can be completed. Several of the roads that required patching and/or paving are the responsibility of NCDOT and we are in constant communication with them as their work and timeframes for completion depend on our work and timeframes for completion. The contractors working on these various projects are different and the timeframes for completion vary. Technically, contractors can work up until the last day of a contract before penalties are assessed. The Town is fortunate to work with contractors who do not normally work this way unless extenuating circumstances exist.

Several of the road projects the Town has undertaken have turned into much more than originally planned for due to the condition of the original road. Budgets for projects have been constantly reviewed and adjusted accordingly. If we were working on your street and the scope of what was to be done changed, it was due to project complications and unexpected conditions. Below is an outline with applicable detour information on some of our biggest projects. Questions and/or concerns should be forwarded to:

Travis Welborn, Public Works Director – or (252) 215-2412;

Ben Williams, Assistant Town Manager – or (252) 215-2412; or

Terri L. Parker, Town Manager – or (252) 215-2340. 

If you are unable to reach one of us when you call, please leave a message as we are tied up in a variety of activities on a daily basis. Comments on the Town’s Facebook Page are not monitored, so if you choose that platform to express your concerns and/or ask questions, they may not be heard or answered.  

We asked for your continued patience as we work through these various projects. As a small Town, we are no different than any other Town who grapples with the enormity of projects on a regular basis. When you see folks out in this insufferable heat, please thank them for the work they are doing because if it weren’t for them, utility and road conditions in Winterville would not be improving!

Update on the Town’s projects and road closures due to these projects below:

  1.  Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project – The Contractor has begun replacing the gravity sewer main in Forbes Ave.  The Contractor anticipates reaching Cooper Street on Tuesday July 3, at which point Cooper Street will be closed to through traffic from Old Tar Rd. to Ange St. daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.  The closures will be on weekdays only and the street will be open for through traffic on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  During this closure subdivisions and side streets will still be accessible except for the short period where the Contractor is crossing the side street entrances to each subdivision.  Each residential driveway will also be accessible, except for a short duration at each driveway when the contractor is crossing the driveway with the new pipe.  Local traffic will need to enter Cooper Street from the Old Tar Rd. end until the construction progresses further east, at which time local traffic will be able to enter the closed portion of Cooper Street from either end.  A signed detour will be installed prior to the road being closed.  It is anticipated that this closure will last approximately until the end of August.  Attached is a copy of the detour plan as approved by NCDOT.  Click here for a detour route.

  2. 2017 Street Improvements Project – The Contractor for the Street Improvements Project continues to work on replacing storm drainage and repairing streets throughout Town. 
    1. Bayberry Lane will be closed for the next approximately 3 weeks, at which time Bayberry Lane near Old Tar. Rd. will re-open to through traffic and Rosewood Drive between Bayberry Lane and Bayberry Lane will be closed to through traffic to allow for storm drainage replacement.
    2. Cannon Rd. between Alma Dr. and Little Dr. is back open to through traffic and should be patched within the next 2-3 weeks.
    3. Gayle Blvd. between Rosewood Dr. and Lynn Loop is open to through traffic.  Storm drainage work continues in this area however the road should remain open to through traffic for the duration of this work with the exception of a few hours to patch the asphalt once the curb and gutter is replaced.
    4. Rosewood Dr. between Cooper St. and Main St. is open to through traffic and will remain open for the duration of the storm drainage work with the exception of a few hours to patch the asphalt once the storm drain is complete and the curb and gutter is replaced.
    5. Gaylord Street is paved and open to through traffic.
    6. Tabard Road is paved and open to through traffic.
    7. Ange Street north of Main Street is open to through traffic however will be closed to through traffic during normal business hours the second week of July so the Contractor can fine grade and pave.  Fine grading and paving should take two business days once started.
    8. Vernon Avenue will remain closed to through traffic until Thursday July 5.  It will be closed to through traffic during normal business hours the second week of July so the Contractor can fine grade and pave.  Fine grading and paving should take two business days once started.
    9. Depot Street between Railroad Street and Church St. will be closed for one day for milling and paving operations.  This will occur later in July and notification will be given prior to commencement of the work.
  3. Church Street Gravity Sewer Replacement - The gravity sewer replacement project between Linden Lane and just north of Division St. will not begin until August 27 due to the Watermelon Festival.  Church St. will be closed to through traffic for the duration of that project between Linden Lane and Liberty St.  A signed detour will be installed by the Contractor.

NCDOT Projects

Boyd Street – both sides of Mill Street continue to be closed to thru traffic. Water line and storm drain work continue on the West side of Mill Street. The contractors have until mid-November 2018 to complete said project and there is no anticipation that the project will be completed prior to that time.

Laurie Ellis Extension – work continues on this project and mid-November 2018 is the completion date as well. No work from NCDOT on whether this project will be completed early.