5 Easy Steps to Start DTRT

To Participate In This Free Program Which Recognizes And Rewards Your Students For Their Positive Accomplishments:

STEP 1:  DESIGNATE YOUR SCHOOL COORDINATOR- Please designate and assign a coordinator at your school.

STEP 2:  PROMOTE- All materials needed to promote the program throughout your school to teachers and staff will be available to you.  You can also distribute as necessary or email it to save paper!  

STEP 3:  NOMINATE-Please use our online nomination process by logging onto our website and clicking on the “Nominate Today” button on the homepage and completing the nomination form.  Nominations are required to be a minimum of 4 sentences.

STEP 4:  TRACK YOUR NOMINATIONS-Make sure your teachers, etc. advise you as to who and how many students they nominate.  EACH SCHOOL IS LIMITED TO 5 NOMINATIONS PER MONTH AND NOMINATIONS ARE DUE BY THE 20th OF EACH MONTH.

STEP 5:  STAY CONNECTED-Log on to our website for all pertinent updates related to our program.  
QUESTIONS CALL: 252-756-1105
Email: James.brown@wintervillenc.com