Solid Waste Management

For the 2024 Waste Collection Calendar Click Here

The Town breaks solid waste into three categories for pick-up.  They are Bulky Items, Construction Debris and White Goods.

Bulky Items

The bulky items route is divided into 2 days – Monday & Tuesday. 

Bulky items will be collected the first (1st & 3rd ) Mondays/Tuesdays of each month. If the month begins on a Tuesday it will be the following week that begins on a Monday for the pickup to begin.  Please see the Waste Collection Calendar above for specifics.

See map to determine the pick-up day for your address:

Bulky & Construction Routes Map

Bulky items include: 

  • Brown Goods – small appliances that are primarily non-metal such as stereos, microwaves, etc.
  • Furniture – tables, chairs, mattresses, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Items – that do not fit into a garbage bag.

 *Bulky item debris may not be mixed with construction item debris.

Construction Debris

Construction debris is also divided into 2 routes which are collected on the 2nd & 4th Monday & Tuesday of each month. If the month begins on a Tuesday, the first construction debris routes are run the week after the first bulky items route.

See map labeled to determine the pick-up day for your address:

 Bulky & Construction Routes Map

 Construction Debris items include:

  • Building Materials – carpet, roofing materials, lumber, siding material, insulation, wall material, bricks,concrete, ceiling material, etc.

 *Construction debris may not be mixed with bulky item debris or any other solid waste material.

*Town policy provides that only construction debris generated by the owner or resident of a property will be collected by the Town. Therefore, the Town cannot collect contractor generated debris.

White Goods

White Goods and Tires are picked up on the 2nd Friday of each month throughout the Town.

(Tires MUST be removed from the rim)

White Goods include:

  • metal appliances, large and small
  • Televisions
  • no brown goods (see Debris items above)

Please Note: Old appliances are picked up on the second Friday of the month.

The Town of Winterville Solid Waste Management Services does not pick-up cardboard boxes or oil drums. Cardboard should be taken to the dumpster located at 1131 Reedy Branch Road (behind the Winterville Cemetery).

Click here for a printable: Waste Collection Schedule Rules and Regulations in Winterville