Solid Waste Management

2019 Waste Collection Calendar


The Town breaks solid waste into three categories for pick-up.  They are Bulky Items, Construction Debris and White Goods.

Bulky Items

The bulky items route is divided into 2 days – Monday & Tuesday. 

Bulky items will be collected the first (1st & 3rd ) Mondays/Tuesdays of each month. If the month begins on a Tuesday it will be the following week that begins on a Monday for the pickup to begin.  Please see the Waste Collection Calendar above for specifics.

See map to determine the pick-up day for your address:

Bulky & Construction Routes Map

Bulky items include: 

  • Brown Goods – small appliances that are primarily non-metal such as stereos, microwaves, etc.
  • Furniture – tables, chairs, mattresses, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Items – that do not fit into a garbage bag.

 *Bulky item debris may not be mixed with construction item debris.

Construction Debris

Construction debris is also divided into 2 routes which are collected on the 2nd & 4th Monday & Tuesday of each month. If the month begins on a Tuesday, the first construction debris routes are run the week after the first bulky items route.

See map labeled to determine the pick-up day for your address:

 Bulky & Construction Routes Map

 Construction Debris items include:

  • Building Materials – carpet, roofing materials, lumber, siding material, insulation, wall material, bricks,concrete, ceiling material, etc.

 *Construction debris may not be mixed with bulky item debris or any other solid waste material.

*Town policy provides that only construction debris generated by the owner or resident of a property will be collected by the Town. Therefore, the Town cannot collect contractor generated debris.

White Goods

White Goods & Tires  are picked up on the 2nd Friday of each month throughout the Town.  You will need to call us at (252) 215-2427 and let us know that you have white goods or tires to be picked up in order to schedule.

(Tires MUST be removed from the rim)

White Goods include:

  •  metal appliances, large and small
  • Televisions
  • no brown goods (see Debris items above)

Please Note:  Old appliances are picked up on the second Friday of the month.

The Town of Winterville Solid Waste Management Services does not pick-up cardboard boxes or oil drums. Cardboard should be taken to the dumpster located at 1131 Reedy Branch Road (behind the Winterville Cemetery).

Click here for a printable page of rules and regulations concerning waste collections in Winterville