Chief's Desk

Dear Citizens,

The New Year brings a renewed commitment by our entire police force to protect the lives and property of all our citizens. Our number one priority in 2018 continues to be the reduction of crime in the Town of Winterville.  To accomplish this, we are strategically deploying our police presence guided by crime data and detailed intelligence from adjacent agencies and the Criminal Investigations Division, and the Uniform Patrol Division.   

Yet, there is still much work to be done. And we cannot do this alone.

Winterville citizens must stay vigilant and involved in our efforts to protect their wellbeing. As we experienced recently, many crimes of opportunity could have been prevented. During December, an increase in Breaking and Entering of residential property ususally occurs.  These thefts could be drastically reduced if people would use crime prevention techniques, use alarm systems, and take out valuables out plain view. Do not put large boxes out on the curb as thieves can see exactly what gifts are inside for the taking.  Vehicles that are left unlocked are an open invitation to opportunist criminals. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to smash a car window and grab whatever is visible.

Another important tip to remember is to remove items from the center console and glove compartment that contain personal information such as your address, vehicle insurance or vehicle registration. That’s the first place thieves look not only for valuables, but to access your home and steal your identity. If you see any suspicious activity around your area, please call the Winterville Police Department at 252-756-1105. We appreciate any help you can provide to fight crime.

In 2018, let’s work together to make Winterville a safer place to be. For any comments, issues or suggestions, contact the Winterville Police Department at 252-756-1105. 


Chief Ryan C. Willhite