Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Project Overview

The Town of Winterville is in the process of updating our Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Public participation, input, and feedback are essential to this effort to ensure that the plan best reflects the vision, principles, and interests of community members.

The Land Use Plan is a document designed to guide the future actions of the Town. It presents a vision for the future; with long-range goals and objectives for activities that affect the community and local government. This includes guidance on how to make decisions on public and private land development proposals; the expenditure of public funds; cooperative efforts; and issues of pressing concern.

We will use this site to keep you informed throughout the project on upcoming meetings, useful information, and ways you can stay involved and voice your opinions on how to plan for Winterville‚Äôs future development! 


Stay Involved

  • Take the Survey- Do you have a vision for the future of Winterville? Share your concerns and ideas about development, transportation, and recreation in Town. Participate in the Winterville Comprehensive Land Use Plan by taking the online survey here: The purpose of the survey is to better understand values and priorities of Winterville citizens, and to gain insight into the type of development and improvements residents and other stakeholders would like to see within the Town. The survey will be open until March 31st.  Survey responses will be combined to other feedback from public meeting participants, steering committee members, and town staff to inform the recommendations and goals of the new Town Plan. 


*Note: Concepts shown in presentation are initial drafts and subject to significant change and refinement over the next few months.    


Project Resources

Project Schedule



Comprehensive Plan Study Area Map


Adopted Future Land Use Map