A proclamation is a ceremonial document issued by either the Mayor to honor individuals or groups for service or achievements, or to provide recognition/publicity to special events or significant issues. Typically, proclamations designate a day, week or month for a specific purpose (“Jane Smith Day” in honor of Ms. Smith’s 100th birthday or “Nurses’ Week” honoring a particular segment of the medical profession), but they may also extend appreciation or serve as an official announcement.

Citizens, Elected Officials, Staff Members, or Non- Profit Organizations  can request a proclamation to commemorate special events. It is necessary to submit your request at least two (2) weeks prior to the date the document is needed to insure timely issuance.

The following information is needed for the Proclamation:

  • The date the document is needed
  • Biographical information for the individual
  • Significant contributions of the individual
  • The date and type of event being planned for the individual
  • The name, address and telephone number of the requestor

Click below for the Proclamation request:

Proclamation (word version)

Proclamation (pdf version)