Town Manager

Terri L. Parker
252-756-2221 ext. 2342
The Town Manager serves as the chief executive officer for the Town under the Council-Manager form of government and serves at the pleasure of the Town Council. The Manager is responsible for the operation of all Town departments and for the appointment of all employees, with the exception of the Town Attorney, who is appointed by the Town Council. As Budget Officer, the Town Manager prepares and submits a Recommended Annual Budget to the Town Council for their consideration each year. In addition, the Manager recommends policies and programs to the Town Council throughout the year to address community needs.

Town Attorney

E. Keen Lassiter, Attorney at Law
The Town Attorney provides legal review and advice for the Town Council, Town Departments, and Town Boards and Commissions. He performs legal services for the Town Council and Town Departments. The Town Attorney serves as the legal counsel for the Town in legal matters. He provides interpretation of the Town Code, policies and procedures for the Town Council, Town departments, Town Boards and Commissions, and citizens.

Assistant Town Manager

Anthony Bowers
252-756- 2221 ext. 2348
The Assistant Town Manager assists the Town Manager with the day to day operations of the Town. The Assistant Town Manager specifically manages the Operational Departments (i.e. Inspections/GIS, Electric, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Water and Sewer). The Assistant Town Manager also stands in for the Town Manager when she is out of Town.

Town Clerk

Donald Harvey
252-756-2221 ext. 2344
The Town Clerk is responsible for the safe-keeping of official Town documents and the Town seal; preparation of agenda materials; minutes and follow-up on Town Council actions; assuring that legal requirements for Town Council actions are followed and records are kept accordingly; The Town Clerk also serves as Public Information Officer and Youth Council Administrator. 

Human Resource Director

Angie Fuller
252-756-2221 ext. 2343
The Human Resource Director is responsible for the management functions in support of human resource activities. The Human Resource Director is located in the Town Hall.

Executive Staff Assistant

252-756-2221 ext. 2342
The Executive Staff Assistant is responsible for a wide variety of administrative, technical, secretarial, and office management functions in support of the daily operations for the Town Manager. The Executive Staff Assistant is now located in the Town Manager's Office.

Office Manager (Operations Center)

Kimberley Shular-Moore
252-756-2221 ext. 2412
The Office Manager is responsible for the day to day administration of the Main Office at the Operations Center. She administratively assists the Electric, Inspections/GIS, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Water, Sewer and Stormwater Departments.