Welcome to the Winterville Fire-Rescue-EMS Department training page. Please take a moment to look around at the type of training Winterville Fire-Rescue-EMS has to offer. Training in the fire service is one of the most important things that firefighters focus on. Whether it be training on current events, review of fundamentals, or teaching members the basic or advanced strategy and tactics. From the junior firefighter to the fire chief, training could lead to saving someone's life, or the life of you and/or your crew. During the fourth week of the month, Winterville Fire Department will host some type of training. Training is normally conducted with a mutual aid dept., and is taught by a NC-certified instructor. Winterville Fire Department also conducts several live-fire trainings per year, normally these are held during the spring or fall due to weather conditions and fatigue of the firefighter and instructors. 

Please feel free to contact the department about any training that Winterville Fire Department has to offer, or any training that you would like to participate in.

Contact the Training Division:

(252) 756-2515

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