Why Winterville?


  • Property Tax Rate:   Town- $.475/100     County- $.68/100
  • Neither N.C. nor Pitt County levies an inventory tax.  In addition, there are no estate or inheritance taxes.
  • North Carolina has a low per capita tax burden.
  • State and local taxes are well balanced between corporate and individual taxpayers.
  • Maximum state corporate tax rate is 6.0% for 2014.  The tax rate will be reduced to 5% in 2015.
  • Neither Pitt County nor any of its communities levy an income tax.
  • North Carolina levies a 4.75% retail sales tax.
  • Pitt County levies a 2.25% local sales tax, more than half of which is allocated for public schools.
  • Corporations commencing business in 2014 are subject to an employment security tax of 1.2% during the first year and based on an experience rating thereafter.



N.C. Highway 11, U.S. 264 and U.S. Business 264 are located in the region, making access to domestic and foreign markets easy.  Much of the East Coast’s major destinations and markets are available within a day’s drive, while air, rail and deep water ports are located in close proximity, allowing access to worldwide markets.



  • Approximately 30 common carriers have terminals within a 40 mile radius.
  • Three major deep water ports within 120 miles (Wilmington, NC, Morehead City, NC, Norfolk, VA).
  • Two strong, financially healthy railroads crisscross the County (Norfolk Southern Railway and CSX Transportation).
  • Pitt-Greenville Airport in Greenville offers daily commuter service to Charlotte (Navaids ILS/DME).
  • Four lane highways to all North Carolina borders (I-95 is 38 miles west).
  • Highways free of toll roads.

A Regional Transportation Center:

The Pitt County/Greenville/Winterville area is centrally situated within eastern North Carolina. Several major U.S. and state highways converge in the area to provide easy access to the state’s interstate highway system. Two of the nation’s most extensive and financially healthy railroads traverse the county. The area is within 120 miles of three east coast ports capable of handling both bulk and containerized shipments. (For more information on NC Ports please visit www.ncports.com).  Air service is available through a local commuter airport with scheduled flights daily to Charlotte’s Douglas International Airport.


Local & State Resources:

Companies who meet certain requirements are able to take advantage of state tax credits and other incentives that include sales and use tax discounts, exemptions and refunds, discretionary programs and other cost-saving programs.  For more information on State resources, click the North Carolina’s Department of Commerce website Thrive:http://www.thrivenc.com/incentives/financial

*Pitt County incentives: http://locateincarolina.com/location-incentives/

*There are also opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for assistance and support.  Contact Stephen Penn for more information.


Our Workforce:

The diversity, quality, and availability of human resources in Pitt County are primary reasons why such notable and diverse companies as DSM, NACCO Materials Handling Group, ASMO, Karastan, and Weyerhaeuser have established major manufacturing facilities in our communities. Our people have also provided the basis for the continued expansion of these industries. In fact, every major manufacturer has expanded their operations in Pitt County since their initial location, regardless of whether they produce pharmaceuticals or textiles.


Business and industry in Pitt County have found the people of Pitt County and North Carolina definitely have a pro-business attitude:

  • Several local plants hold productivity, attendance, and safety records within their companies and their industries.
  • People are characteristically loyal, desiring direct personal contact with fellow workers and with management, exhibit pride in their workmanship, and are interested in self-development and the acquisition of new skills.
  • Essentially all manufacturing facilities in the county operate free from unions with employees eager to take on multiple job functions and skills.
  • Local leadership is responsive to the needs of the business community
  • Work stoppages are nonexistent.

The people of Pitt County are proud of the business climate. They work diligently to enhance an environment in which business feels welcome, prospers, and expands with the knowledge their investments are sound ones. All of the manufacturers that have located facilities in Pitt County since 1965 operate union-free plants. In fact, all manufacturing, distribution and administrative office employees in Pitt County, with the exception of workers at one tobacco processing facility, are not affiliated with any union. During the past 40 years, there have been a total of five union elections in the county, and all but one have been won by management with healthy margins.