Coaching Corner

Winterville Youth Sports Manual

Looking for the answer to one of your Winterville Youth Sports questions? Start with the Winterville Youth Sports Manual. The Manual has all of the general information related to our youth sports leagues. For league specific information please view the league specific rules.

Interested in Coaching?

Volunteer coaches make recreational sports possible! First time coaches please download and complete the coaching application. There are limited open coaching slots, we cannot guarantee that everyone interested will receive a team but we will do our best. Returning coaches, please print and complete the background consent/release form (must be done every year).

NYSCA Coach Training

All youth sport head coaches, except for baseball programs, are required to receive the NYSCA coaching certification. Department will pay for certification for head coach and must register with Department. If you are a head coach please contact Department Staff to coordinate certification class. Assistant coaches are encouraged to obtain relevant (sport) coaching certification, at own expense. To receive the certification you must successfully pass the online clinic which is $20. Certification is good for one year.

Babe Ruth League & Cal Ripken Coach Education Program

This coaching certification is required for fall Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth league coaches. T-Ball and Pee Wee coaches may obtain either the NYSCA or Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken coaching certification. Note that if you are a T-Ball or Pee Wee coach and would eventually like to coach at the Cal Ripken and/or Babe Ruth levels you will have to obtain this certification regardless. Once this certification is obtained, it is good for life.

The Town will pay for the certification of head coaches. Assistant coaches will have to obtain certification at own expense. This certification is a requirement for all Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth coaches (head and assistant coaches). If you are a head coach, please contact Department Staff to coordinate certification class.

Complete the Certification Course online at: Once successfully completed, coaches will be certified to coach in Babe Ruth baseball for life. Cal Ripken coaching course is titled: Coaching Youth Baseball - The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth Baseball Coaches