Financial Assistance Program

Eligibility and Application: Applicants may request a reduction in program fees for their dependent child or children when a financial need exists. Requests must be made in writing on the attached Financial Assistance Program Application.

Confidentiality: All Financial Assistance Program Applications are public documents that must be made available upon request. However, in the absence of a request to provide this information, Town of Winterville Parks and Recreation staff will keep all information strictly confidential. When providing a copy of your income tax return and pay stub(s), please black out your social security number.

Programs and Fees: Applicants who qualify for a fee reduction shall receive financial assistance from the Town for a period of one year, at which time they must re-apply. Applicants may receive no reduction, 50% fee reduction, or 100% fee reduction. Reduction, if any, is applied to each individual program or event fee.

Financial Assistance Program Application