Currently, the Public Works and Parks Maintenance Departments work together to mow public right of ways along Town streets and certain NCDOT streets including Old Tar Rd., Mill Street, and Laurie Ellis Rd.  Staff is also responsible for mowing and landscaping all public owned properties which include Town entrance signs, lift stations, wells, water tower, cemeteries, and Town buildings such as the Town Hall, Police/Fire/EMS building, Ops Center, and Library.  Mowing occurs twice monthly from March thru October.  Additional mowing is completed on an as needed basis.

In addition, the Town currently contracts out a majority of the ditch maintenance (mowing) on an annual basis and performs the maintenance on the remaining ditches with in house staff.  Ditch mowing occurs twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.  Mowing of Highway 11 right of way is also completed by a Contractor working for the Town.

Further questions regarding right of way mowing or ditch maintenance should be directed to the Public Works Department at (252) 215-2427.