Stormwater Management

The Town maintains public ditches and drainage pipes throughout the Town.  There are several drainage ditches that are maintained by the Southeastern Drainage District of which Winterville is a part of.  Private drainage systems are the responsibility of the property owner.

When a ditch is clogged, please contact the Public Works department and appropriate action will be taken.  Crews will cut vegetation and remove debris and sediment that accumulates on publicly owned ditches.  Private property owners are expected to cut the vegetation on their properties.

City crews periodically will flush stormwater drains and can remove sediments from clogged pipes with our vacuum truck which utilizes high pressure water to remove clogs.

Residents are reminded that it is illegal to dump leaves, grass clippings and debris into drainage systems.  Ditches should never be burned or sprayed with defoliants.  Vegetation in a ditch stabilizes the banks and is a natural filtration of stormwater.  You can find more information regarding the Town's Stormwater Management Program here.



Please note that the Town of Winterville Phase II Stormwater Ordinance prohibits any person from discharging anything other than stormwater into the Town's stormwater management system.  Non-stormwater discharges associated with activities that do not significantly impact water quality are allowed.  A list of allowable discharges can be found in the Town's Ordinance.  Specific prohibitions include but are not limited to oil, anti-freeze, chemicals, animal waste, paints, garbage, and litter.  To report potential violations please contact the Public Works Department at (252) 215-2427.


The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Energy, Mineral, and Land Resources handles all Land Disturbance permits for the Town of Winterville.  These permits are handled through the Washington Regional Office.  All land disturbance activities that disturb one acre or more of land require a permit.  The Washington Regional Office can be reached at (252) 946-6481.

 Below is some valuable information regarding stormwater management provided by AG Cox Middle School.

Stormwater Education Page Provided by the 2012 A.G. Cox Middle School Envirothon Team

Stormwater Education