Yard Waste

 Yard Waste Pickup

The Town of Winterville defines yard waste as material generated from a residential property/yard (i.e., grass, limbs, and leaves).  During peak seasons of grass and leaves we ask that residents be patient as we can get behind on routes due to the abundance of material to be picked up.  Below you will find specific information for residential yard waste.  If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office.



Grass and leaves pickup is divided into 2 routes - Wednesday & Thursday

  • SEE THE ATTACHED MAP labeled "Grass and Leaves Map" to determine the pickup date for your  address.
  • GRASS & LEAVES pick up include: Grass clippings, leaves, pine straw, etc.

*DO NOT bag these items, as they will not be picked up by the Town if they are bagged. The leaf suction truck will be damaged if a bag is pulled up into the blower.

Grass and Leaves Map


Limbs pickup is divided into 3 routes - Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

  • SEE THE ATTACHED MAP labeled "Limbs Map" to determine the pickup date for your address.
  • LIMBS pick up includes: Limbs - no greater than 6 feet in length; no larger than 6 inches in diameter; this includes shrubs and bush limbs.

Limbs Map

*NOTE - If a pickup route for a particular item is not completed on the scheduled pickup day, the route will be completed on the following day. If the route falls on a holiday, the items will be picked up on the following workday.

All items should be placed curbside, behind the curbing, for pickup. Do not place these items in the street. Placing items in the street may create a safety hazard for others. Leaves and grass clippings placed in the street may also block the Town storm water drainage system, thereby contributing to flooding. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


  • Tires still attached to the rim;
  • Creosote treated lumber; salt treated lumber; Oil drums.

*For construction debris, tree limbs, shrubs, bush limbs and wood that have been removed or cut down by contactors, it is the responsibility of the contractor to carry this material to the county or private waste collection sites.

  • Please place all items at the street prior to 7:00 am on your collection day.
  • For additional information, including a calendar of pickup dates, please visit wintervillenc.com/trash-recycling-collection
  • For any questions regarding pick up of items, please contact Public Works at (252) 756-2221 extension 2412.

For the 2024 Waste Collection Calendar Click Here